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Learning that works for you.

Executive Education

Programs & Solutions

Learning that works for you.

At IMD, we understand that learning should evolve with you, step by step, throughout your career. That’s why our programs and solutions are crafted to be flexible, practical, and designed to keep you and your organization on a path of growth and success.

Real learning is at the heart of your journey with IMD. Our varied portfolio of over 75 programs covers essential areas such as General Management, Leadership, and Sustainability, adapted to your needs and goals. With options ranging from full in-person engagement to blended experiences and cutting-edge digital platforms, our learning pathways are as varied as the business challenges they address.

We have designed each solution to mirror the complexities of the global business arena, turning business dynamics, real-world scenarios, and hands-on experiences into actionable insights. This dynamic bridge between theory and practice is the catalyst for real impact.

What you learn at IMD today can be put into practice tomorrow — fueling your professional growth, enhancing your organization’s capabilities, and contributing meaningfully to the community around you.

Home to 19,000+ executives every year

Join a vibrant community of global professionals who, like you, are focused on amplifying their leadership and management skills.

From 120+ countries & every industry

Gain exposure to diverse perspectives and innovative practices from a broad array of geographical locations and industries, enriching your learning and broadening your worldview.

Trusted partner to 1,600+ organizations

Benefit from our extensive experience in working with leading organizations worldwide, applying the strategies and tools that have proven effective across a multitude of business contexts.

130,000+ alumni worldwide

Become part of a robust, influential network of alumni, providing endless opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and professional growth spanning across continents.

Tailored to your needs and goals
We’re here to find your perfect match.

We tailor dynamic learning experiences that hit just the right note—relevant, practical, and aligned with your unique ambitions. Here’s how:

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Real learning. Real impact.

When we say “real”, we mean it. See how IMD’s approach translates to personal breakthroughs and accelerated growth for our participants.

*Survey of 2023 participants.

of participants report significant personal impact from attending an IMD program.
of participants report becoming a more effective executive within 4 months of completing an IMD program.
of participants would recommend IMD to a friend or colleague.
 - IMD Business School
Yasser Joharji

Nahdi Medical, Saudi Arabia

Real learning for impact.

It’s real learning for impact at IMD. You learn from examples of different businesses, in different circumstances from around the world. You get eye-opening insights and a practical structure for the future.

 - IMD Business School
Valéria Balasteguim

VP HR Latin America
Electrolux, Brazil

Flexible and insightful.

Not only do we value IMD’s insights on what is happening in the market, IMD really understands our business language and provides a lot of flexibility in the co-design of the program which brings true value to our organization.

 - IMD Business School
Christophe Regnault

Head Of Marketing
The LHoFT, Luxembourg

A unique learning experience.

IMD is the only school where you really dive into concrete, down-to-earth learning that enables you to immediately deliver and apply it in your professional environment.